Carrot, thyme and parmesan fettucine

Time is of the essence we are led to believe. Not just in formal contracts but in life too. I thought this was a modern problem of society. But according to William Henry Davies we have had no time to stand and stare since 1911. So it seems for as […]

Celeriac and Parsnip Soup

I’ve spoken of my dislike of soup before. I will not bore you by continuing my complaint; I will simply sum it up and say that soup is an overrated dish, one which I take little pleasure from. It is fine as a starter, a preamble to a main course, […]

Confit Chicory, Braised Lentils and Sausages

I get frustrated by how impressionable we are by image. Dress a man, any man, in a suit and instantly they command respect. Add some stylish accessories – braces, a pocket square, maybe a cravat – and it is likely we will consider them to be a true gentleman on […]

Black Bean Chilli, Grilled Sprouting Broccoli

As I’ve grown older I have begun to take much more pleasure in learning. A trip to a museum or watching a documentary on TV gives me much more satisfaction than it ever did as a child. Perhaps this is because I am choosing what I want to learn rather […]

Mushroom, Green Pepper and Chilli Wraps

A more enticing name for this dish would have been mushroom fajitas but I wasn’t sure what constituted an authentic a fajita and whether including mushrooms instead of meat, and changing the spices would stop them being so. I decided that research needed to be undertaken. Well I say research, […]

Moroccan Spiced Cauliflower, Lamb Kebabs and Parsley Bulgur Wheat

Okay, so I imagine your eyes have already wandered over to the lengthy ingredient list and now you’re despondent because of the large number of components required. Some of you will have already counted them, for those that haven’t I’ll save you the trouble – there are 17 not including […]


March can be a cruel month. It promises the arrival of spring, lighter evenings and most importantly, my birthday, yet it offers little in the way of seasonal vegetables. Apart from kale, cauliflower and towards the end of the month purple sprouting broccoli, there is little to choose from and […]


St David’s day (1st March) is approaching and I am sure the patriotic Welsh are uprooting their leeks to wear with pride. Having grown up very close to, but not in, Wales I consider it my duty to advertise the delights of Wales to those who were not lucky enough […]

Rhubarb – A Tart and a Ketchup

I struggle to think of a fruit (though it is technically a vegetable if you want to be picky) that is more British than Rhubarb, especially as the forced variety grows so well in the wet cold winters of Yorkshire. It is only available from January to March so we […]

Roasted Guinea Fowl and Braised Chicory

So I have good news and bad news. When I first made this dish, I did so with pheasant and it worked beautifully; unfortunately, here’s the bad news, the game season ended this weekend so it may be difficult to find pheasant. The good news is that guinea fowl, not […]