Carrot, thyme and parmesan fettucine

Time is of the essence we are led to believe. Not just in formal contracts but in life too. I thought this was a modern problem of society. But according to William Henry Davies we have had no time to stand and stare since 1911. So it seems for as […]

Celeriac and Parsnip Soup

I’ve spoken of my dislike of soup before. I will not bore you by continuing my complaint; I will simply sum it up and say that soup is an overrated dish, one which I take little pleasure from. It is fine as a starter, a preamble to a main course, […]

Puy lentil salad with hallloumi

Times they are a changin’ and it is happening right in front of us. In fact it has already happened. Our kitchen cupboards have changed. I am not talking of aesthetical changes, due to our love of home improvement but of changes from within; specifically with what they are stocked. […]

Cherry tomato and basil spaghetti

Tomatoes offer so much when at their peak, but I often find shop bought to be lacking in quality. As this is such a simple dish it really benefits from using the best ingredients. So try to source the ripest cherry tomatoes, the most fragrant basil, a fruity, peppery extra […]

Spicy paprika peppers, poached eggs and yoghurt

Brunch is a funny thing. Not the name as such. That’s quite straight forward, a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch nothing funny or, indeed, complicated there. But the rise of brunch is interesting. I am pretty sure it wasn’t as popular in the 90’s as it is now. I may […]

Courgette, fennel and haricot bean salad

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that I like food. I’m tempted to say I love food, but love is a strong word and I am not ready to accept the commitment that admitting to love brings. Call me a coward, call me a man, I am certainly the […]

Baked tomatoes with onion and white bean puree

According to some, mostly vegans, in order to save the future of food production we all need to become vegan. All 7 billion of us. Better get started then, lots of work to do. Especially as currently only 1 million Brits are vegans. I have done my bit as this […]

Paneer and Chickpea Curry

In the interests of full disclosure I must tell you that I am not Indian, not even a tiny bit. Those that know me will already know this, and if they didn’t then my pale complexion would certainly have given them a clue. I consider it important to tell you […]

Asparagus and Potato Gratin

Are asparagus and potatoes the most quintessential of all British ingredients? No, probably not. Strawberries, apples, cucumber and rhubarb have instantly sprung to mind. So let me rephrase the question, or indeed turn it into a statement. Asparagus and potatoes are intrinsically British, and we should celebrate them, and all […]

Braised spring veg with herb butter

Good news. It’s national vegetarian week. I’m not sure if I really consider this good news. Of course it’s great that we’re raising awareness for vegetables, like we do for illness and stray dogs and the homeless. The effort on our part is much less too. We are not being […]