Tarts, Quiches, Pies

Fish Pie Pie

Pie invokes such cheerful thoughts. It is comfort food of the highest standard. Spirits are lifted at the mere mention of pie. Not only in the moment before consumption but even in recollection of past pies. Much like remembering old lovers we all have fond stories to tell, stories that […]

Potato Dauphinoise Tart with Mustard and Wholemeal Cheese Pastry

We all love potatoes dauphinoise; it is possibly, and I’ll say this quietly to avoid upsetting those that love mash and roast potatoes more than their own children, the best side dish. But I think it should be more than just a side. Often it is simply paired with a […]

Rhubarb – A Tart and a Ketchup

I struggle to think of a fruit (though it is technically a vegetable if you want to be picky) that is more British than Rhubarb, especially as the forced variety grows so well in the wet cold winters of Yorkshire. It is only available from January to March so we […]


I am not sure we appreciate beetroot as much as we should. Talk to many a chef and they will tell you it is one of their favourite vegetables. I tend to agree. It is so versatile and for those who care, I am not one of them, it is full of […]

Roasted Courgette and Goats Cheese Filo Tart

Go back a few decades and the humble courgette was considered exotic and new worldly. Now, although still popular, it has lost that sense of intrigue and to those who grow their own it can often become a battle to keep on top of the courgettes that one of two […]


Chicory, in my opinion, is a much underused vegetable. Surprising really, due to its fondness for our British climate, plus the fact that it is one of the few seasonal vegetables that is around for the baron winter months. Also, considering its versatility it really deserves to be championed more than […]