Cherry tomato and basil spaghetti

Tomatoes offer so much when at their peak, but I often find shop bought to be lacking in quality. As this is such a simple dish it really benefits from using the best ingredients. So try to source the ripest cherry tomatoes, the most fragrant basil, a fruity, peppery extra […]

Spicy paprika peppers, poached eggs and yoghurt

Brunch is a funny thing. Not the name as such. That’s quite straight forward, a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch nothing funny or, indeed, complicated there. But the rise of brunch is interesting. I am pretty sure it wasn’t as popular in the 90’s as it is now. I may […]

Courgette, fennel and haricot bean salad

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that I like food. I’m tempted to say I love food, but love is a strong word and I am not ready to accept the commitment that admitting to love brings. Call me a coward, call me a man, I am certainly the […]

Baked tomatoes with onion and white bean puree

According to some, mostly vegans, in order to save the future of food production we all need to become vegan. All 7 billion of us. Better get started then, lots of work to do. Especially as currently only 1 million Brits are vegans. I have done my bit as this […]

Oriental salad and cured duck breast

The world is a complicated place for humans. There is much to balance and understand, while also trying to live life to the full. It is as complicated for the natural world. And just as we look to our parents for guidance, the world looks to Mother Nature to keep […]

Crab Cakes with Toasted Sweetcorn

Crab is not something we tend to eat a lot of in this country; most likely because we are too squeamish to dispose of them ourselves, that is once we have settled on the most humane way to do so. Plus after having killed and cooked the crab we then […]

Buttermilk Scones and Oven Cooked Raspberry Jam

Trying to unlock the secrets to the perfect scone is as difficult and complicated as trying to unlock a safe. There are so many variants and possibly combinations that it would take years to work through them all, something I would willingly do if time and finance allowed. The type […]

Pea Risotto with Pea Shoot Pesto

Peas are no longer seasonal, not since the advent of clever processes and machinery that gets peas from field to frozen within two hours. It is very difficult to argue with the quality of frozen peas so I won’t even try. In my mind they are up there with tinned […]

Two Cucumber Salads

The British are often ridiculed for their love of bland food. Historically our cuisine has been little more than meat and two veg, perhaps with some gravy if you’re lucky. We seem to have a knack for taking the blandest of foods, doing very little to them and somehow becoming […]

Spiced Bean Burgers with Avocado and Tomato Salad

Nobody wants to be a substitute; it is essentially being second choice, a less than perfect solution. It highlights that you aren’t quite good enough, that you are missing something or just not as good as the rest. I think the problem lies in expecting substitutes to take on someone […]