Asparagus and Pea Salad with Anchovy

Regular visitors to these pages will be in no doubt of my frustration levelled at those who believe a vegan diet is a one size fits all solution to the problem of how we can eat more sustainably. I shall not wander back over well-trodden ground but if interested or […]

Carrot, thyme and parmesan fettucine

Time is of the essence we are led to believe. Not just in formal contracts but in life too. I thought this was a modern problem of society. But according to William Henry Davies we have had no time to stand and stare since 1911. So it seems for as […]

New potato salad with broccoli and lamb

As much as I love mayonnaise I feel it does more harm than good in a potato salad. Instead, I prefer a light a dressing flavoured with herbs – mint on this occasion – which allows the potatoes earthy, nutty qualities to shine through. The method for cooking the lamb […]

Asparagus and Potato Gratin

Are asparagus and potatoes the most quintessential of all British ingredients? No, probably not. Strawberries, apples, cucumber and rhubarb have instantly sprung to mind. So let me rephrase the question, or indeed turn it into a statement. Asparagus and potatoes are intrinsically British, and we should celebrate them, and all […]

Spiced Potato, Chickpea and Lamb Meatball Stew

Most of us don’t like change; we much prefer the comfort and safety that similarity brings. Change brings the unknown. The unknown is troubling and scary. But change is everywhere, from new shoes, to new friends, to a new job, it is unavoidable. Yet for something that is so common, […]

Braised spring veg with herb butter

Good news. It’s national vegetarian week. I’m not sure if I really consider this good news. Of course it’s great that we’re raising awareness for vegetables, like we do for illness and stray dogs and the homeless. The effort on our part is much less too. We are not being […]

Watercress and pea soup with cheese and ham toasties

We all have dislikes. Bob Geldof doesn’t like Mondays, Cain disliked Abel, dogs don’t like cats and I don’t like soup. People get excited by soup. Too excited. It is nothing more than a drink. It is not a meal. I do not find it comforting. I do not consider […]

Radish, Orange and Bulgur Wheat

Radishes with their vibrant pink colour, crisp crunch and peppery flavour make an excellent addition to any salad. Radish leaves, if you can get hold of them, are also a worthy inclusion. Though watercress or even spinach leaves would be a suitable substitute. The salad on its own makes a […]

Asparagus and Crushed Potatoes

I enjoy the wait for the start of the British asparagus season. Not being tempted by the imported asparagus from Peru shows certain strength, though it is perhaps unnecessary. That said eating the first of the British asparagus is something I look forward to. Asparagus is at its best is […]

Parmesan and Thyme White Bean Puree

Food tastes better with fat, everyone knows that. White beans are especially suited to a healthy dose of the good stuff. Too often they are sold as a healthy food that will help us lose weight and keep our digestive system ticking along. That’s great but we often forget that […]