Roasted squash, spinach and creamy lentils

Whenever I cook meat free dishes they always seem to be missing two things – fat and that savoury/umami flavour that is so in vogue at the moment. Often the simple answer, and more often than not the correct one, is to add parmesan. In this case though, that wouldn’t […]

Veal lasagne

We need to eat more veal; in-depth reasons can be found here, but simply put without our support in creating a market for British veal, raising male dairy calves as veal isn’t a viable business opportunity for farmers, and the result is a needless waste of life, as male dairy […]

Cacio e pepe

In the 90’s carbonara took these isles by storm, no faux-authentic Italian restaurant was worth its salt unless carbonara graced its menu. Now, in the ‘teens’ (I’ve gone for teens over tens, or twenty-tens because it seems a decade in which our lives are controlled by petulant, ego driven, selfish, […]

Spiced chickpeas, tomatoes and chicken

This dish is quickly becoming a favourite of mine due to its simplicity. It requires very little hands on time; barely any technical skill and uses chicken legs which are cheap even when buying free-range or organic chicken, which we all should be. It is a dish that should suit […]

Asparagus and Pea Salad with Anchovy

Regular visitors to these pages will be in no doubt of my frustration levelled at those who believe a vegan diet is a one size fits all solution to the problem of how we can eat more sustainably. I shall not wander back over well-trodden ground but if interested or […]

Carrot, thyme and parmesan fettucine

Time is of the essence we are led to believe. Not just in formal contracts but in life too. I thought this was a modern problem of society. But according to William Henry Davies we have had no time to stand and stare since 1911. So it seems for as […]

Fish Pie Pie

Pie invokes such cheerful thoughts. It is comfort food of the highest standard. Spirits are lifted at the mere mention of pie. Not only in the moment before consumption but even in recollection of past pies. Much like remembering old lovers we all have fond stories to tell, stories that […]

Celeriac and Parsnip Soup

I’ve spoken of my dislike of soup before. I will not bore you by continuing my complaint; I will simply sum it up and say that soup is an overrated dish, one which I take little pleasure from. It is fine as a starter, a preamble to a main course, […]

Chorizo, Potato and Cavolo Nero

Over any given week the topics in the news and those we talk about amongst friends change frequently, they rarely stay current for very long. Examples right now might include the American election, the role of the judiciary, Andy Murray’s ascension to number one and Toblerone. However there is one […]

Roasted Butternut Squash, Kale and Bacon

There are many questions in life that remain unanswered. Are we alone in the universe, is there life after death, when is enough, enough and why did we vote for Brexit? But the question I ponder most is – what makes a salad a salad? Sure I understand what a […]