Veal lasagne

We need to eat more veal; in-depth reasons can be found here, but simply put without our support in creating a market for British veal, raising male dairy calves as veal isn’t a viable business opportunity for farmers, and the result is a needless waste of life, as male dairy […]

Spiced chickpeas, tomatoes and chicken

This dish is quickly becoming a favourite of mine due to its simplicity. It requires very little hands on time; barely any technical skill and uses chicken legs which are cheap even when buying free-range or organic chicken, which we all should be. It is a dish that should suit […]

Chorizo, Potato and Cavolo Nero

Over any given week the topics in the news and those we talk about amongst friends change frequently, they rarely stay current for very long. Examples right now might include the American election, the role of the judiciary, Andy Murray’s ascension to number one and Toblerone. However there is one […]

New potato salad with broccoli and lamb

As much as I love mayonnaise I feel it does more harm than good in a potato salad. Instead, I prefer a light a dressing flavoured with herbs – mint on this occasion – which allows the potatoes earthy, nutty qualities to shine through. The method for cooking the lamb […]

Oriental salad and cured duck breast

The world is a complicated place for humans. There is much to balance and understand, while also trying to live life to the full. It is as complicated for the natural world. And just as we look to our parents for guidance, the world looks to Mother Nature to keep […]

Spiced Potato, Chickpea and Lamb Meatball Stew

Most of us don’t like change; we much prefer the comfort and safety that similarity brings. Change brings the unknown. The unknown is troubling and scary. But change is everywhere, from new shoes, to new friends, to a new job, it is unavoidable. Yet for something that is so common, […]

Confit Chicory, Braised Lentils and Sausages

I get frustrated by how impressionable we are by image. Dress a man, any man, in a suit and instantly they command respect. Add some stylish accessories – braces, a pocket square, maybe a cravat – and it is likely we will consider them to be a true gentleman on […]

Moroccan Spiced Cauliflower, Lamb Kebabs and Parsley Bulgur Wheat

Okay, so I imagine your eyes have already wandered over to the lengthy ingredient list and now you’re despondent because of the large number of components required. Some of you will have already counted them, for those that haven’t I’ll save you the trouble – there are 17 not including […]

Jerusalem artichoke, Cavolo Nero, Wood pigeon, Savoury granola

January’s the worst isn’t it? It’s the month that makes us dislike ourselves the most. In January we have to read about how we should change and become better, healthier people. Every year January is disappointed in the person we are. And what’s worse is that January follows December. December […]

Chipotle and Red Pepper Chicken Thighs with Strawberry and Tomato Salad

So it’s been a while hasn’t it? Almost two months. Two months since the last meat based meal on this site. Obviously I am not including last week’s mackerel dish. Fish doesn’t count; pescetarians will tell you that. As much as I enjoy unlocking the potential of vegetables and learning […]