Asparagus and Pea Salad with Anchovy

Regular visitors to these pages will be in no doubt of my frustration levelled at those who believe a vegan diet is a one size fits all solution to the problem of how we can eat more sustainably. I shall not wander back over well-trodden ground but if interested or […]

Fish Pie Pie

Pie invokes such cheerful thoughts. It is comfort food of the highest standard. Spirits are lifted at the mere mention of pie. Not only in the moment before consumption but even in recollection of past pies. Much like remembering old lovers we all have fond stories to tell, stories that […]

Sardines, Potatoes, Tomatoes and Black Olive Tapenade

We are all aware that the sustainability of the world’s fish is a big issue. For too long we have just eaten a very select proportion of the oceans fish and in doing so we have dangerously depleted the stocks. It doesn’t have to be like this though. Just by […]

Crab Cakes with Toasted Sweetcorn

Crab is not something we tend to eat a lot of in this country; most likely because we are too squeamish to dispose of them ourselves, that is once we have settled on the most humane way to do so. Plus after having killed and cooked the crab we then […]

Cured Mackerel, Beetroot and Melon

I think you can often draw a distinction between the recipes of a chef and that of a food writer. Most chefs, not all but most, will follow their restaurant training and produce on TV and in recipe books, meals that are complicated, require a high level of technical skill […]

Pea, Potato and Lemon Broth

I like simple things and simple flavours. My favourite crisps are ready salted, or better yet unsalted; my favourite ice cream is vanilla. Boring perhaps but the natural beauty of ingredients will often speak for themselves. We needn’t fuss about too much; we will only ruin what is already good […]

Watercress and smoked mackerel fishcakes

I could harp on about how watercress is a superfood and how it contains all sorts of health boosting nutrients that will help you ward off all manner of terrifying illnesses and prolong your happy life. But it bores me and will no doubt bore you. All that needs to […]

Celeriac, Mussel and Cider Broth

Mussels excel when served in a soup or broth as in the classic moules mariniere. But it doesn’t always have to be white wine. This recipe combines cider, for sweetness, and a mushroom stock for added depth. Add to that the slightly spicy, earthy flavour of the cumin and you […]

Carrot and Olive Salad with Grilled Sardines

I wouldn’t dare go as far to say that carrots and olives are a classic partnership. But it is a relationship that works well. Opposites attract as they say and the salty earthy flavour of black olives contrasts well with the slight sweetness of carrot. The same combination could be […]

Citrus Cured Trout with Walnut Soda Bread Rolls

Curing fish is such a simple and rewarding process. It takes such little effort on our part, just a little patience. If you can get wild sea trout then use this. It is much cheaper than salmon and well worth the effort of trying to find a source, though salmon […]