Asparagus and Pea Salad with Anchovy

Regular visitors to these pages will be in no doubt of my frustration levelled at those who believe a vegan diet is a one size fits all solution to the problem of how we can eat more sustainably. I shall not wander back over well-trodden ground but if interested or […]

Carrot, thyme and parmesan fettucine

Time is of the essence we are led to believe. Not just in formal contracts but in life too. I thought this was a modern problem of society. But according to William Henry Davies we have had no time to stand and stare since 1911. So it seems for as […]

Fish Pie Pie

Pie invokes such cheerful thoughts. It is comfort food of the highest standard. Spirits are lifted at the mere mention of pie. Not only in the moment before consumption but even in recollection of past pies. Much like remembering old lovers we all have fond stories to tell, stories that […]

Chorizo, Potato and Cavolo Nero

Over any given week the topics in the news and those we talk about amongst friends change frequently, they rarely stay current for very long. Examples right now might include the American election, the role of the judiciary, Andy Murray’s ascension to number one and Toblerone. However there is one […]

Roasted Butternut Squash, Kale and Bacon

There are many questions in life that remain unanswered. Are we alone in the universe, is there life after death, when is enough, enough and why did we vote for Brexit? But the question I ponder most is – what makes a salad a salad? Sure I understand what a […]

Puy lentil salad with hallloumi

Times they are a changin’ and it is happening right in front of us. In fact it has already happened. Our kitchen cupboards have changed. I am not talking of aesthetical changes, due to our love of home improvement but of changes from within; specifically with what they are stocked. […]

New potato salad with broccoli and lamb

As much as I love mayonnaise I feel it does more harm than good in a potato salad. Instead, I prefer a light a dressing flavoured with herbs – mint on this occasion – which allows the potatoes earthy, nutty qualities to shine through. The method for cooking the lamb […]

Courgette, fennel and haricot bean salad

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that I like food. I’m tempted to say I love food, but love is a strong word and I am not ready to accept the commitment that admitting to love brings. Call me a coward, call me a man, I am certainly the […]

Baked tomatoes with onion and white bean puree

According to some, mostly vegans, in order to save the future of food production we all need to become vegan. All 7 billion of us. Better get started then, lots of work to do. Especially as currently only 1 million Brits are vegans. I have done my bit as this […]

Paneer and Chickpea Curry

In the interests of full disclosure I must tell you that I am not Indian, not even a tiny bit. Those that know me will already know this, and if they didn’t then my pale complexion would certainly have given them a clue. I consider it important to tell you […]