The murky world of milk production

Have you ever wondered about how your milk was produced? If you’re like me then I doubt it. I was too busy making sure my chickens weren’t kept in cages, and my pork, beef and lamb was free-range. I didn’t have time to check on the dairy cows as well. […]

Why I’m too considerate to be vegan

What’s more irritating than wasps at a picnic? Maybe nothing, because wasps are the worst. But equal, or a very close second, are vegans at a barbecue. Not a vegan barbecue, which is a whole other mess, no vegans at a traditional, men round fire, burning meat, while women make […]

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: Hero or Villain? And why it doesn’t matter

It seems snuggly Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall may not be as charming and affable as his television shows would have us believe. An interview with him appeared in the Times a week or two ago, conducted by Oliver Thring, and which was in Oliver’s words, “strange”, “awkward” and “frosty. Surely not, I […]

Meat labelling – the truth and the tricks

As consumers, how do we decode the misleading labelling of meat products to make sure we are buying meat that has been reared to high welfare standards? High intensity factory farming, of which the sole aim is to produce meat cheaply and at high volumes to satisfy our growing appetite, […]

Hook, Line and Sinner?

The question of how to eat fish sustainably is confusing and complex. Thankfully the answer is much simpler.

Love or Lust? Our Relationship with Food

In our search for happiness we often look to what others have and decide that that is what we are missing. If only we had our work colleagues nice car, our friends less stressful job or our neighbours wife! We talk about the things we want, rather than the things […]

Insects: The Future of Our Food?

Many believe that in the fight to provide enough food for the world we should include insects as a part of our diets. Some may turn their face up at the idea but it is not so crazy when you consider that an estimated 2 billion people already eat insects […]

The Trouble with Meat

I have a problem I would like to share with you. Don’t worry it’s not medical; I won’t be telling you of an embarrassing ailment in a particularly delicate area of my body. We have TV for that sort of thing. No, my problem is this; I eat a lot […]