I’ll begin by explaining that I don’t mean to be an alternative foodie in the sense that I have painted my nails black, have taken to wearing mascara, while listening to Greenday [insert a more modern band here]. I simply mean that I will not be a foodie in that I will not try to sell you an ideal lifestyle, where I post pictures of my heavily stylised breakfast on Instagram, or by telling you that I only shop at farmers markets and delis, or that I only eat local, seasonal produce. I distrust anyone whose life looks this idyllic and you should too. Instead I will talk about things that I think are important. Top of that list will be sustainability, as it is vital that we look to produce and consume food in a manageable way. Something we are not doing. But I will also look at other issues, some serious, some light-hearted. I hope it is a place of great versatility, catering to anyone that enjoys food.

The RECIPES are the main part of this website. The majority are based around our need to eat less meat. I will never stop eating meat, but I think it important that we reduce our consumption. So to help us all adjust I will produce recipes that make this much easier. Some will be meat free, some will contain meat and some will be vegan – this is normally by accident. But the main goal is to make dishes that taste great and ones that we all want to cook again and again.

The ARTICLES will touch on issues that I think need addressing. Some will be in-depth and factual, others will be opinion pieces or will just be me having a rant about what irritates me about the world of food. Hopefully they will make you think, sometimes smile and on occasion change your habits.

Oh and a little about ME. I have spent about 10 years working within the catering industry, in various roles as a chef (it’s not like it is on the telly), pastry chef (because sweetness brings me joy), baker, (don’t do it, the hours will break you) and chocolatier (no I didn’t eat chocolate all day).

I have also written for the Sustainable Food Trust


Contact Info:
@forkandmouth (twitter and instagram)